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Adjustable Dumbbells – Pink

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  • Adjustable Dumbbells Weight: Missing your gym right now for various reasons? You’re
    not alone; Regardless the motive you can complete your daily fitness workout with our
    pair of adjustable dumbbells perfect for home, office, gym, yoga, Zumba training; They
    are compact, easy to use and the weight can be changed within seconds from 2.2 to 4.4
  • What You’ll Get: Due to its ability to provide a total-body workout from head to toe for both men and women, our colored workout device opens up a world of variable  exercise opportunity; The set includes 2 pcs adjustable dumbbell weights, 8 pcs interchangeable weight stainless steel bars, each disc weighing 0.55 lbs, 4 pcs little foam rings to prevent the discs to move, and 1 pc storage bag, all wrapped in a cardstock box perfect to be offered as a gift to family members and friends;
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return your items and we will refund your money in full; Our world class customer service will do their best to assist with your questions. 

Whether you are trying to build strong thighs, bigger chest, defined biceps, or just an overall full-
body training, our adjustable weight dumbbells definitely do it all and have a place in most
workouts. Also, especially ones you can perform at home. Real space savers, these dumbbells are
also ideal for workouts at the gym, office, in the park, anywhere anytime, even during vacations,
due to a carrying bag provided. The carry pouch will help you in easy transportation as well as in
neat storage.
Your lady will love to use them during yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and fitness sessions; sure this pair
is suitable for men as well.
These handheld devices are made of industrial-grade TPR and durable neoprene, with a non-slip
grip so even when your hands are extra sweaty you’ll be able to hold them very well. 8 pcs
interchangeable weight stainless steel discs, and 4 pcs mini foam rings preventing the discs from
moving, allow you easy weight changing according to your workout exercise. Each disc weighs
0.55 lbs, still will not damage fragile floors if dropped by mistake.
Durable, reusable, and easy to use, you can do your weight lifting exercises and stay fit. Scan the
QR code from the Thank you card and you will have access to How to use instructions and
various exercises that will help you build muscle mass, improve bone density, boost metabolism
and increase stamina.
Our set promotes healthy life and full-body exercising, making it the perfect gift no matter
gender for family members and friends. The package design helps you save time and effort for
wrapping it.

Keep in mind you can take your daily training routine to the next level without actually stepping
foot in a gym. Place your order now!


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